About Us

“Our Guarantee- Economy and Excellence in Management”

CONCORD is the centre for management and human development. The centre creates value additions in crafting strategy, ensuring effectiveness and excellence in management of resources in organisations.

The centre supplements the formal educational system in educational institutions through a complementary framework for enhancement of basic human qualities, developing executive-like qualities in the model of a finishing school. The centre also assists and advises organisations in talent acquisitions strategy and facilitates the educational institutions in preparing a continuous  pool of candidates ready for launching professional career.

The Centre offers the services aligning with its Vision, Mission and Core Values.


“A Leading Centre for Excellence in Management”


“To offer value proposition in optimisation of resources, new ways of human capital management, learning and human development intervention, imbibing the culture of commitment, consistency and credibility as a socially responsible business, leveraging our knowledge and industry experiences”

3Cs of Our Core Values

Total quality in our services with reliability, responsibility and accountability.

Total involvement, steadiness and sustainability of our quality services.

Total trustworthiness.


We understand that the students pursuing various professional courses/ academic courses need guidance in shaping their young minds and planning for their future. We offer free guidance to students in developing their confidence level with effective decision-making capabilities.

We also understand that the professionals working in Industries and various other organisations have to develop resilience in addressing organisational dynamics. Based on our experiences, we offer our expertise in handling any situation the professionals may encounter relating to peer issues, lobby factor, community dynamics and regional distinction.


The Centre’s team of experts, with four decades of industry experiences, will be available to offer business management solutions, impactful HR solutions, giving insights on new ways of human capital development and effective management of organisation as a socially responsible entity.

The Center conducts its unique programme by conceptualising and designing social responsibility agenda of organisations with focus on inclusivity and acceptability by the stakeholders, providing a sustained competitive advantages to the industry.

CONCORD’s experienced associates offer their best expertise in undertaking impact assessment of the CSR projects undertaken by organisations. The Center carries out objective assessment on each aspect of CSR implementation from concept to its operationalisation based on industry experiences.

The Centre also undertakes its special programme for Millennials and Gen-Zers in conduct, communications and creativity for performance excellence.


  1. The centre offers its expertise in promotion and management of educational institution by bringing in Industry-academia interface in Institutions and excellence in nurturing and developing best-in-class talent pipelines.

2. The centre organises experience-sharing sessions of professionals and industry experts. The Centre also designs and organises industry-academia capacity development programme.

3. CONCORD specialises in talent acquisition and facilitates the business organisations in identifying, grooming and acquiring right talent for industries at the right time.

4. The centre also shares its expertise in nurturing and developing talent by new ways of Learning & Development interventions in organisations through its executive development programme.

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