CONCORD’S Finesse Academy adds value to the formal educational system in the institutions of learning through an effective intervention on basic human qualities and all aspects of personality development. The center also assists and advises organizations in talent acquisitions strategy as well as assisting the educational institutions in preparing a continuous pool of quality candidates ready for professional careers. The objective of the academy is to enrich value-added personal qualities, etiquette, mannerism, conduct, communication, and career.


Based on our experiences in industries, we feel that a person is identified by his/her manners. Manners reflect a direct impression on the quality of education and the values one offers to the organization representing the educational institution. One’s intra-personal aspects like attitude, conduct, deportment, accents social graces, and self-management reflect a distinctive persona which is considered as the most sought-after traits the prospective employers emphasize while decisions for selections of executives are made. Today, the industries scout for the right person with the right attitude, aptitude with interpersonal relationship quality at the right time.


The Finesse Academy has a pivotal role in adding much-needed values to all these aspects and supplements the Universities and institutions by creating good human beings with executive-like competencies and effectiveness.  On completion of the foundation programme of the academy, a person will emulate good human qualities, human values, knowledge, skills, capabilities, and the right attitude. Most importantly, the person will develop confidence in conducting oneself differently and taking up responsibilities in an organization with a competitive edge over others. 


1. The programme will be based on learning-by-doing framework.The Academy conducts its foundation programme, either full time or part time hourly basis, covering a total duration of 40 hours (@ 2-4 hours session per day) on 10 different modules.

2. On successful completion of the programme,  a certificate will be issued by the academy.

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